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Recycled Recycler
[65 lbs]


The VT Eco-Olympics is a competition on campus encouraging students to reduce their energy consumption. The winning residence hall of will house this trophy.

The sculpture is created from two cylinders purchased as scrap and the rest of the parts found in my own scrap piles. The legs in particular came from my own cars: the legs from a VW Golf converted to electric (shown below) and the feet are leaf springs from my Jeep during their suspension upgrades. The steel can came from my recycling bin.
Me and the recycler
The recycler likes electric cars
Welding the hand together
Facial features coming together
Facial features to go on, after lots of cleaning
Attaching torso to legs with my shop crane
The weigh in - 30kg (65lbs)

Some of these items are for sale! If so, the price is listed. If you are interested, please contact me at : 

Welding Note:  There is a big difference between my art welding and fabrication welding. Non structural welding, such as in art, is not done with the care and proper method that structural welding is. Any poorly placed welds are not representative of my welding skills.

Safety Note: Although I have never had an injury incident with any Heavy Metal [Art], there is some concern with the possibility of drunk people, kids, etc. walking into something. As a result, I will not be responsible for any injury in which Heavy Metal [Art] is involved.

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